Monday, December 21, 2009

Commitment to waking up early

I’m learning that happiness comes from being in action and being in motion. I’d say the hardest part about being a freelancer is being your own generator of this feeling of motion. It’s very difficult actually to be creative when there is too much time. I hear this assumption many times-“hey I’m sure painting is a great way to get out your frustrations and to zone out into your own little world, free from worry” – This for me couldn’t be further from the truth. I find that in order to paint, I must be in a very good emotional state. Painting/designing for me comes when I am happy or when I’ve experienced something fascinating or particularly beautiful to me - perhaps that shows in my artwork. It is not a release, but more of a manifestation of my present state.

What’s the point?

As of Today I’m officially on a “semester break” from teaching. Which means I have 1 month to fill without a fixed schedule. In the past, its been a little bit of a personal prison (sleeping in.. becoming "lazy.") The feeling of motion greatly comes from the amount of work I’m doing, and I believe I can use this blog as a way to create an expectation of myself for the amount of work I’m going to get done.

Here’s my Daily proposal to myself:

Wake up at 7 on week days (Write a small post to prove it)

Show something creative I’ve worked on for that day.

Show something Inspiring that I have discovered.

Although I don’t know if anyone reads my posts, I feel like the act of publishing my actions will create the right kind of structure that I need in order to push myself and continue the rolling ball of creativity and contentment. By the way, if you’ve got suggestions, let’s hear them! :D Note to self: This outline of action begins NOW.

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