Monday, December 21, 2009


My brother recently moved into a house with his roommate. I received the great invitation to be their commissioned muralist. “Paint on any wall you want! Paint whatever you want!” I find that when requested to do just “anything” I tend to resort to familiar concepts from my past. In this case, it was a tribute to Arizona where my brother and I did a lot of our growing up.

I’ve included the process from my thumbnail to completion. I actually finished it in one sitting lasting 6 hours -which is pretty quick for a large scale painting, strangely it looks so much like a part of the house that many people don’t notice it when they walk in. I’m excited to use the space and be a little more adventurous with my next mural there.

Misty mountains repeating into the distance has always been an image that moves me. The differences in color created by the thickness and amount of atmosphere in between the viewer and the mountain. I looked up pictures of cactus flowers on my phone while I was there, creating those on the fly.

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